ANT4066 Quad Analogue Switch for Audio Applications

Preliminary information retail price 26.04 (plus applicable sales tax)

ANT4066 - audiophile replacement for an industry-standard CMOS switch 4066, found in many pre-amplifiers, cassette decks and other audio equipment, is now available.  The Quad 33 and 34 preamplifiers are particularly improved by using these devices.  For a list of Cassette Decks click here.

Alex the designer says "The original 4000 series was cheap and cheerful at the time, however the switches had a fairly high resistance (70-150 Ohm) and what's worse - very non-linear resistance. As a result when these switches are present in the signal path of audio equipment, a sizeable amount of high order distortion is introduced and the sound quality suffers badly. In many cases old 4000 series chips can be replaced with much better 74HC series, also made by many major semiconductor manufacturers. Main limitation there is the supply voltage. 4000 series chips can withstand up to 18V (+/-9V on a dual rail supply) with some high voltage varieties up to 30V (+/-15V ) or more. 74HC series offers about a 1/3 to 1/4 of the resistance of 4000 series analogue switch, but only can work up to 11V (+/-5.5V) (NXP) to 14V (+/-7V) (Fairchild) supply voltage.

If the supply voltage allows than 74HC4066 will give a good improvement in the sound quality over a standard 4066. However it is still very much a non-linear resistor, thought the non-linearity is reduced by 3-4 times. ANT4066 provides much better linearity and can work with the supply voltages from 10V (+/-5V) up to 25V (+/-12.5V). It is the best replacement for 4066 chip from the sound quality point of view, however it costs considerably more than 74HC4066.

One thing is certain - 4066 does affect the sound in a very nasty way. If your cassette deck has this chip in the signal path than a replacement could be a very efficient and simple way to improve the sound. A simplest thing to do is to unsolder the chip and put a good quality IC socket in its place. After that it should be possible to swap the chip and the replacement (supply voltages and control signal levels permitting) and hear the difference. "


THD+N measurements

Wide analogue voltage range 1V-17V
Low "ON" resistance 15 Ohm typical
Individual switch control
Very good linearity
Pin-compatible with industry-standard 4066 quad switch
DIL14 footprint



Timestep Distribution

04 October 2009