Power supplies

PSU 03 The audiophile switch mode PSU.  Unlike a lot of SMPS this unit is built to our specification with extraordinarily low RFI and no EMI at all.  These sort of SMPS's are often used in medical applications.  With an input range of 90 - 253 volts it will work from the low voltage areas of Japan to the high voltages in the UK, and everywhere else in fact! 

Retail less sales tax 65.22

PSU 04  This fully fledged linear power supply has virtually no RFI or EMI.  It has been designed with the best available components:  Panasonic FC low ESR capacitors, National Semiconductor LM317HVT regulator in low noise configuration, schottky rectifiers and a 2 ounce plated through printed circuit board.  The PCB is hand made near Cambridge in the UK. 

Retail less sales tax  160.87

This interior photograph of our 04 Ltd. linear power supply shows the Panasonic FC capacitors.  One way to get a very low output impedance is to use a large storage capacitor and  that is exactly what we do as you can see.

There are two versions:  90-126V for 100/110/120 volt and 216-253V for 220/230/240 volt power.

David Price editor of Hi Fi World said of the Ltd. linear PSU " It's gorgeous.  Changes the sound surprisingly much actually. Makes it ..  more explicit.   Big difference through my system."




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13 March 2013