PROsat Software

PROsat for Windows i  is an extremely powerful new system with some remarkable new features :

  • Multiple image windows can be open simultaneously.
  • Background image reception capability.
  • Images can be printed on any Windows-compatible printer, in colour or greyscale depending on the printer.
  • False colour with autoset and autoshade.
  • Linear and non-linear contrast stretch

NOAA / Meteor Polar APT Features

  • NOAA, Meteor and Okean reception.
  • Live display of incoming images.
  • Full high resolution data stored - up to 4.8MB per pass.
  • Autosave mode to record images in your absence.
  • Adjustable start delay to allow reception of selected areas if required.
  • Visible and Infrared sections viewable simultaneously.
  • MultiSpectral colour images.
  • Interpolation for smoother display at high zoom levels.
  • Automatic temperature readout with no calibration needed.
  • User-configurable temperature slice.
  • Latitude and Longitude gridding with easy adjustment
  • Land/Sea and political boundaries.
  • Distance and bearing between any two points.

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