; $Header: d:/usr/max/progs/pic/rx2/RCS/rx2_opts.inc 1.3 99/06/09 21:49:31 max Beta_Test $ ;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------; ; RX2_opts.inc - Customisation file for RX2 control software ; ;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------; ; $Log: rx2_opts.inc $ ; ; Revision 1.4 05/04/22 14:57:00 sam ; Changed receive frequencies to match Pass Control and changed ; scan to all ten channels. ; ; Revision 1.3 99/06/09 21:49:31 max ; Added extra informative comments & changed a couple more delays ; ; Revision 1.2 99/06/06 22:17:13 max ; Added equates for the debounce and long keypress times. ; Changed a few times to suit my preference ; ; Revision 1.1 99/06/04 22:01:37 max ; Initial revision ; ; Set synthesiser chip type to 'TSA6057' or 'TSA6060' as appropriate SynthChip equ TSA6060 ; Set PLL charge pump operation to 'HighCurrent' or 'LowCurrent' as applicable ChargePump equ HighCurrent ; These are the channel frequencies in kilohertz - edit to suit requirements Chan0Freq equ d'137200' Chan1Freq equ d'137100' Chan2Freq equ d'137400' Chan3Freq equ d'137500' Chan4Freq equ d'137620' Chan5Freq equ d'137910' Chan6Freq equ d'137300' Chan7Freq equ d'137700' Chan8Freq equ d'137800' Chan9Freq equ d'137850' TestChanFreq equ d'137970' ; obtained by holding down button at powerup ; First and last channels to be included in automatic or button ; controlled scanning. RS-232 can set any channel from 0 to 9 ScanStart equ 0 ScanEnd equ 9 ; Times to wait for Acquisition & Loss of signal while scanning ; (in milliseconds). Each must be >142ms and <18203ms. AOSWait equ d'4000' LOSWait equ d'15000' ; Lengths of various beeps (in milliseconds). Maximum 18203ms ShortBeepTime equ d'12' ; When a key is pressed BeepTime equ d'330' ; When scan mode (re)starts LongBeepTime equ d'1000' ; At power-on VLongBeepTime equ d'2000' ; At AOS ; Length of the pushbutton debounce period (in milliseconds). Maximum 70ms DebounceTime equ d'50' ; Time the button must be down to re-start scanning (in milliseconds). Maximum 18203ms LongButtonTime equ d'1000'