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 HiFi: We recently produce Hi Fi products such as the Technics EVO turntable, various PSU's and the T-01MC phonostage. Production stopped on 2022 but advice is still available for free.   Click on products to see more.

Archival: We now have products to restore and archive 78rpm records and cylinders.
Click on products to see more.  These products are still current and are used by The New York Public Library, George Blood, Indiana University and many others.  eMail for details, most equipment is in stock for immediate delivery.

Ham Radio : If you are coming back into amateur radio or a newcomer,  Dave Cawley G4IUG  (ex G8EAO) is here to give you the advice that you need. We are by appointment only,  but we speak your language and can stop  you from making an expensive mistake or being disappointed by making the wrong purchase. 
We have been a Yaesu dealer since 1991 !   Click here for more

Legacy: We have stopped production and support for APT/HRPT/WEFAX weather satellite and radio related produces, they are listed here for information only.  Some limited spares are available. 
We are working on S-Band and X-Band remote sensing satellite reception for Aqua Terra etc.  We will probably make recommendations rather than actually sell products though.




Timestep, PO Box 2001,

Dartmouth, Devon, TQ6 9QN, England

Latest News

Summer 2023
We are working on recommending S-Band and X-Band remote sensing Aqua Terra and others.

Spring 2022
Most HiFi products discontiuned.

Winter 2018
Yaesu amateur radio added

Summer 2016
EVOke launched

Winter 2015
Cessation of all weather satellite products

Autumn 2015
New archival and restoration products

Spring 2015
New email address

Winter 2014
Dual arm SME turntable

Summer 2014
78rpm EQ released

Winter  2013
14-170rpm speed controller launched

Spring  2013
T-01MC phonostage launched.

Summer 2011
Revamp of weather satellite products and availability.

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