Inmarsat Reception

Inmarsat is a series of communication sats receivable in all parts of the worlds except for the polar regions. Inmarsat A transmits live unencrypted voice transmissions of the worlds biggest ships, businessmen in remote places and other things we cannot tell you about. All you need is a scanner cable of receiving on 1540MHz. You will need both the antenna and the preamplifier and possibly the cable pack. Check that it is legal to receive this in your country !

Helical Antenna

Inmarsat Preamplifier

260MHz Yagi Antenna

Military satellites transmit clear speech in the 260MHz region, normally you cannot hear them because your scanner will not be sensitive enough or your antenna has not enough gain. This specially designed antenna has nearly 10dB more gain than a discone, and if used with low loss cable will bring the military satellites into your scanner.

Check that it is legal to receive this in your country !

260MHz Preamplifier

Originally designed for 260MHz so that a discone antenna can receive the military satellites, this preamplifier is available to order at frequencies from 170 to 2,000MHz. Featuring an incredibly low noise figure of 0.5dB and a gain of 30dB, it allows even the most insensitive receiver to hear things properly.

Used on 260MHz, with the 260MHz Yagi antenna, it enables you to see easily the noise floor of the transponders. Check that it is legal to receive this in your country ! The standard unit has a bandwidth of 220 to 320MHz.

Details of other versions by request.

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