HRPT satellites give 1.1km resolution in 5 spectral bands. Two are visible, and 3 infrared. There are about 12 good images a day and this system will provide the very highest resolution possible from weather satellites. Because there are 5 sensors they can be mixed together to provide stunning colour images showing an incredible amount of detail. Remember that APT gives a pixel size of 4km and therefore an area of 16 square km per pixel. HRPT gives a pixel size of 1.1km and therefore an area of 1.21 square km per pixel, an amazing increase of 13 times resolution. But there is more, remember that there are 5 bands and that this is also a digital system that gives 10 bit data, 1024 grey or colour levels per band, giving a total of 50 bit data.

The system is, though, both complex and expensive and is very definitely not for the beginner. A 90cm (3 foot) dish has to be tracked across the sky as the satellite orbits. This is all taken care of automatically and works really well in practice. There are only a few HRPT system manufacturers in the world, no commercially available receiver is capable of receiving HRPT and so, unless you are good at receiver design and home construction, you need to purchase a complete system from us.

Made to Quality Standard ISO9002 and certified FCC and CE. NOAA and SeaStar (SeaWiFS) listed approved.

HRPT Antenna

The HRPT dish is 90cm (3 foot) and is fitted to a Yaesu Azimuth-Elevation positioner unit.

The helical feed is connected directly to the preamplifier which mounts directly behind the feed. The dish can be at ground level on a patio stand or mounted on the side of your building.

1.7GHz PHEMT Pre-amplifier

Our 1700MHz preamplifier is regarded by many as the best available and has a noise figure of just 0.45dB or less. It covers 1690-1710MHz with 35dB of gain. This high gain allows the use of 20m of cable thereby placing the sensitive electronics indoors away from the effects of temperature and the weather. The unit is IP67 water resistant class. The voltage range is 8-14 at a current of 80mA and is power fed by the cable automatically from our receiver. N connector input, F type output.


HRPT Receiver

The receiver has all known channels fitted and has surprised many by its ability to receive temporary satellites. It has a moving coil signal strength meter to allow easy adjustment.


Computer control of the channel selection is available if needed for fully automatic operation.

HRPT and CHRPT USB Interfaces

The HRPT USB interface is an external unit connecting to a USB port. It includes an analogue processing section with integrators, sample and hold and a linear phase lock loop clock recovery circuit. This all adds up to an interface that will produce stunning images from this digital satellite. For CHRPT, a separate unit is required.


AutoTrack II dish tracking controller

This will automatically point the dish at the satellite as it orbits the earth. Tracking is completely automatic and any errors can be "nudged" out and the error information saved permanently.


This unit also changes the receiver channel to automate HRPT reception under computer control of the HRPT system.

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