Timestep Professional (C) HRPT AVHRR Systems

For years Timestep sold the lowest cost HRPT system. For over 15 years this budget system had worked
faultlessly in many installations and has provided a spring board for projects that could not afford the often very
expensive alternatives. However, for professional use and in areas of high winds, high humidity, high temperatures,
lightening and static sensitive areas, and where high reliability is essential, Timestep have a professional system
that will work when the going gets tough !

System specifications

  • Dish - A 1M grey powder coated aluminium dish with all stainless steel brackets.

  • Quorum front end - An integrated feed, LNA and Downconverter, immune to local RFI and lightning.

  • 100M Cable RF and positioner - 100M of cable, no joins or adaptors.

  • Emotator positioner A Japanese-built dish positioner, very heavy, very strong, and not a modified chain driven CCTV camera mount.

  • AutoTrack and PSU - The Timestep AutoTrack and power supply for the positioner built into one sensible package.

  • Quorum DSP receiver - Probably the best receiver in the world, the lowest threshold available and adjustable in frequency and bandwidth.

  • HRPT Interface - The Timestep USB interface that accurately formats the HRPT data from the Quorum receiver before sending it to the computer’s USB port.

  • CHRPT Interface - As above but for the Chinese Feng Yun Colour 10 band CHRPT satellite.

  • GPS Sub system - A Icom OEM marine quality GPS sensor for accurate timekeeping of the PC.

  • Rack Mount Computer

Budgetary  prices
Complete system $33,000 USD Ex works : Commissioning (assumes installation has been performed) $11,000 USD

Full Data Sheet
    The full data sheet can be downloaded in PDF format Pro HRPT brochure (5.1mb)

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