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September 2017


Welcome to the web site of the Remote Imaging Group started in 1984 by Henry Neal.

The group caters for everyone interested in imaging from satellites, and has approximately 1,000 members in 45+ countries.

RIG is an internationally recognised and represents the interests of members, to the Radio Communications Agency in the UK, to Eumetsat in Europe and to NOAA in the USA.

We promote and support the live reception and use of weather satellite images, plus a broad interest in other images generated from space.  You can hear a NOAA APT satellite on an ordinary scanner with its whip antenna, it's almost that simple!  Click on reception to see.

RIG has attended several NOAA Conferences to represent this Private Individual User community.  More details will be found in our news section.

RIG helped Dave Cawley who was once everywhere in the weather satellite world, to see his recollection of the Golden Years click here.


September 2017 : Latest update click here

NOAA Conference 2017 click here