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RIG 76 is now out

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RIG asks all who make use of the shareware publicised on this site to honour the aims of shareware and register the programs you find useful.RIG has no control over the external sites, which can make changes without RIG's knowledge.

If you find that a link does not work, please contact us and it will be amended.

- downloads -
  • The Complete Index to the RIG Journal from Vol 1 onwards - Les Hamilton's Index to the complete set of RIG Journals. The software is fully searchable AND can be updated as the new journals are received.
    » rigindex.zip (1.66mb zip)
  • RX2 Source Code - The latest version of the source code used in the RX2's Receiver program is supplied for those experimenters wishing to modify the operation of the RX2, changing timings, frequencies, etc. Use to program a PIC 16C84.
    » rx2 source code (zip file)
  • QFH Software - referred to in Bob Thorpe's article QFH.ZIP on page 68 of RIG 53
    » qfh.zip
  • Portable Quadrifilar Helix Antenna- a QFH antenna which can be constructed from standard coax cable, plus electrical pvc conduit and junction boxes. Chris van Lind describes its construction.
    » qfh_cvl.exe
- resources -
  • WXtoIMG fully automated APT weather satellite recording,decoding, editing, and viewing software for all versions of Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. Supports map overlays, advanced colour enhancements, 3-D images, animations, multi-pass images, projection transformation (e.g. Mercator), text overlays, temperature display, and control for RX2 and many communications receivers and scanners.
    go there>>
  • Satsignal - NOAA/Meteor/Resurs/SICH/Okean/Meteosat/GOES/GMS
    go there>>